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V3 Alkaline Structured Waters

We take Water to The Next Level...Technologically Advanced Alkaline Structured Waters with added minerals such as Colloidal Gold, Silver, and Platinum as well as Silica, Magnesium and Organic Fulvic Acid. The result is a Smooth Tasting water that Hydrates Energizes and Detoxifies your body at a cellualar level. 

V3 Waters Are Functional Beverages

The combination of technology and ingredients make V3 Alkaline Structured Waters some of the Healthiest Bottled Waters on the Planet. Order a case, a pallet or a truckload Today! V3 Waters are "Made-to-Order"...We don't produce it until you order it and we ship it right away so that it never sits in a warehouse.

Exclusive Members SAVE $$$

By joining our Exclusive Membership Club you can save up to 50% on V3 Water Purchases and WIN Free trips to The Fiji Islands.

V3 Water One Pallet 60 cases (1440 bottles)

This pallet is enough water to last 1 person for 1 year drinking 4 bottles per day or 2 people 6 months or a family of 4 for 3 months each. If you want to drink Healthy Water everyday then this is what you need.

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V3 International Inc

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